Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Words are the Same, but the Meanings have Changed

Here is a list of words and phrases that  have taken on a new meaning since Dylan was born.  Motherhood really does change EVERYTHING!

  • Sleeping in
    • Before Dylan (BD): Sleeping until at least 11am, sometimes noon, and then lazily lounging around the house, maybe making some breakfast, and doing whatever I might fancy at the moment
    • After Dylan (AD):  Sleeping until 6:30am, making some coffee and trying to figure out how to accomplish everything that needs to be done and still get a shower!
  • Showering
    • BD: A way to stay clean. There were plenty of opportunities during the day. Sometimes replaced by a relaxing bubble bath, with lights out and candles lit.
    • AD: Immediately after the nap begins, a chance to jump in and jump out within five minutes, remaining as quiet as possible (no dropping shampoo bottles!) to not wake the baby who's crib is on the other side of the wall.  (maybe we should move his crib)
  • Makeup
    • BD: A fun opportunity to play with the way I look, often making me feel pretty.
    • AD: Something that often happens in the car (only when someone else is driving!) and generally is only applied in a failed attempt to hide the circles under my eyes.
  • Coffee
    • BD: A bitter drink that I wanted to like because it smelled like it should taste so good, but really tasted like cigarette ashes.
    • AD: A bitter drink that I have learned to like because it keeps me going, going, going....
  • Going out
    • BD: A fun opportunity to get out of the house and find entertainment.  This could occur on a whim and could last as long as we wanted it to.
    • AD: A two hour scramble to get him and all accompanying equipment into the car, with the potential to be fun or disastrous.  Outings usually end in leaving early because of extreme exhaustion manifesting itself as inconsolable crying.
  • Love
    • BD: A strong, genuine feeling of caring towards my family and friends
    • AD: An unexplainable feeling that life wasn't complete until this little man arrived in the world.   The knowledge that I would do absolutely anything for him. The fact that he can fart and it makes me smile (if that's not love, I don't know what is!)

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  1. You have been smiling at Dre's farts for years