Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Calm after the storm?

The blizzard had lifted. The neighborhood sprang to life as everyone made their way outside to shovel.  They all retreated to the warmth of their homes for dinner and to wait for the snow plow.  The neighborhood became quiet as the sun set over the serene white landscape. Mom and Dad thought it was time to enjoy the calm after the storm.  Dylan had other ideas...

Dylan: Eat dinner, refuse the last of it, start crying.
Mom and Dad:  Completely unaware of the sleep they will be missing very soon, assume Dylan is tired and ready for bed.

Mom and Dad: Rocking, singing, swaying.
Dylan: Crying, but louder now.

Dylan: Screaming.
Mom and Dad: Change diaper. Try feeding again.
Dylan: This time, eat and fall asleep.

Mom and Dad: Grateful. Watch a movie, thinking he's down for the night.
Dylan: (evil chuckle) hehehe, just wait.

Mom and Dad: Asleep for an entire 15 minutes.
Dad: Get up, change diaper, bring in bedroom
Dylan: Get in bed with Mom and Dad.  Toss and turn while taking up 2/3 of Mom's side of the bed.
Dre: Groan.  Spread out to take up the remaining 1/3 of Mom's side of the bed.
Mom: Plastered against the wall
Dad: Snore.

Dylan: Whiny
Mom: Get up and take him to his room to rock and feed
Dre: Get up and beg for food. Give up and go back to bed.
Dylan: Sleep. Finally. But don't stop rocking.  Don't stop rocking until 1:45am

Dylan: Crying. Again.
Dre: Get up and beg for food. Give up and go back to bed.
Dad: Get up, go into Dylan's room. Rock...Rock...Rock...Rock. Until 5am

Dylan: gurgle gurgle, haha, babble babble, haha
Dre: Get up and beg for food.  Finally get breakfast
Mom and Dad: COFFEE!!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Holy Snow!

So far we have had an abnormally snowy winter, but today was Dylan's first time actually experiencing the snow.  He definitely didn't enjoy getting bundled up.  Multiple layers of fleece are not easy to get on and probably aren't too comfy either.  But we got him ready and trekked outside into the 25 inches of snow. I just had to get pics of him out there, whether he liked it or not.  He did not. But he looked cute anyway.

Dre, on the other hand, thoroughly enjoyed himself once he could step off the porch and not get buried. He looked cute too.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Things That Make Me Happy

Dre seeking out light to chase. He seems to think that where there is Dylan, there too will be light.
Learning that the secret to stopping a baby from crying is allowing him to chew on the rubbery top of the dropper bottle.
CAFFEINE in my dorky science mug.
Dylan and his Great Grandmother.
Zen in that same dorky science mug.

The diaper sprayer hooked to my toilet so that I don't have to stick my hands in poopy diaper water.