Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Yesterday morning, Chad was trying to feed some breakfast to Dylan.  Dylan was too busy trying to grab everything around him that he was not paying any attention to eating.  So Chad thought that holding his hands would help him focus on the important task of eating pears.  He wasn't particularly happy about this, but he dealt with it. That is, until I walked into the room.  As soon as I walked into his sight, the pitiful bottom lip jutted out and then the water works began.  He sobbed and sobbed while Chad held his hands and fed him.  The entire time he watched me to be sure I was aware of his discontent.  At first his tactics worked and I felt the urge to pick him up and comfort him.  But then all I could do was laugh at him for being so clever and sneaky.  At seven months he knows my weaknesses and has harnessed his power over me to break up the cohesive parenting team.  If he is like this at 7 months, what will he be like at 7 years?  And lord help us, what will he be like at 17?


  1. Yes my dear...he certainly does already know how to work his Mommy. Be afraid...be very afraid.
    Love you guys!

  2. Holly,

    Your mother beat me to it...but yes, do be afraid! LOL!

    He's darling...but you already know that as your mother calls him her Darlin Dylan!